This quit smoking article covers withdrawal symptom, emotional comfort of the habit and various approaches to stop smoking witht he help of Betta Smokes.


So you've either decided to quit smoking or you're thinking about it?

This in-depth article covers the process (expectations, withdrawal symptoms, approaches) from every angle as we'd really like to help you stop smoking - this is mostly why we've developed our fynbos blend of healthy, herbal smokes - to reduce the severity of symptoms.

Quitting smoking can be daunting, but fear not. We, at Betta Smokes, have gone through the experience ourselves and know that you can do it too! We are here to help you through the journey! By choosing to quit smoking, you'll be making an incredible decision that will not only benefit your body and overall health but the environment too.

Conquer your addiction, once and for all. You'll feel incredibly liberated once you've put out your final cigarette. According to studies, more than 80% of South African smokers would switch to a "better" alternative product if one was available. Be BETTA!


Betta Smokes help you cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

What should I expect now that I've put out my last nicotine cigarette? When you stop smoking, you will experience a wide range of symptoms, which can be uncomfortable and even frightening.

The first thing you'll experience when you quit is physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine takes 72 hours to leave your system, however breaking the habit is complex. Replacing the toxic addiction with a healthier habit (like Betta Smokes) can really help you navigate while your body adjusts.

TIP: It may be helpful to write down the reasons WHY you want to quit smoking so you may refer to them whenever you feel the need to smoke. Making a list of compelling reasons is a powerful and practical tool.

You may experience withdrawal symptoms such as moodiness and irritability, severe headaches, and nicotine cravings - this is your body seeking its next dose of nicotine and what keeps us reaching for the next cigarette. You may be able to resist at first, but after a few hours without a cigarette, your body will beg you to smoke. As a cigarette smoker, you've altered the chemical composition of your brain. Refer to your list of reasons for quitting smoking for inspiration.

After the difficulty of the first 3 days, your body will be free of the majority of the nicotine, and it becomes easier with each passing day. Then you just have to deal with your smoking habit, which you can do with herbal cigarettes. That is why we designed a smoking cessation program (see below) in which you will no longer rely on nicotine.

To understand why quitting smoking is so hard, we need to understand the two major components to the addiction process:

  • Physiological nicotine addiction- Routine smoking causes our bodies to adapt to having a certain level of nicotine; unconsciously, we regulate the number of cigarettes we smoke in order to maintain our bodies' familiarized nicotine level.
  • Psychological addiction to smoking - This includes everything from the perceived need to have something between your fingers or in your mouth to thoughts like wanting to finish your meal quickly so you can have a smoke break at work.

Differentiating between these two addictions and treating each one correctly can significantly increase your chances of successfully cleansing nicotine from your system while decreasing the difficulties of the process.


Going cold turkey is certainly one approach, but most people fail at this. Replacing the physical habit of smoking (a comfort for most smokers), with a healthy herbal cigarette alternative, is an easier and more successful treatment.

Psychological and physical cravings and symptoms can be alleviated by using herbal cigarettes. In other parts of the world, they are commonly used as a tool to help treat people wanting to quit smoking and their dependence on nicotine.

Betta Smokes are herbal cigarettes made from a variety of smokable medicinal plants that contain no toxic chemicals or nicotine. Here's how the Betta Smokes solution can assist:

  • The first is the physiological addiction to nicotine, which drives you to put a cigarette in your mouth.
  • The second challenge is the psychological habit of lighting a cigarette that nicotine addiction has created.
  • Herbal cigarettes will satisfy the "hand-mouth" effect while also relieving you of nicotine poison.
  • Herbal cigarettes can allow you to continue smoking as long as you fight the physiological addiction (the most important phase with the highest drop-out percentage).

Herbal cigarettes are the simplest, cheapest, and now, the most freely accessible method of quitting smoking!


Betta Smokes help you to quit smoking.

Because each Betta Smokes herbal cigarette is equivalent to 2-3 nicotine cigarettes, 1 Betta Smoke can last you up to 3 sittings. Essentially, someone who smokes 20 nicotine cigarettes per day can cut that down to 7 herbal cigarettes per day.

You can quit smoking nicotine cigarettes once and for all and immediately start using Betta Smokes to help you through the process, though it may be easier to use a phased approach with small wins to encourage you along:

Betta Smokes offer you an alternative to smoking that is healthier for you.


Let's delve a little deeper into the physical symptoms.

Once you've overcome the initial desire to light up a nicotine cigarette, you should be proud, but don't stop there. Expect your body to begin a detox in order to rid itself of the nicotine still in your system. As with any detox, our bodies will often leave us with nasty symptoms until it has removed the toxicity from our bodies. Our bodies have gotten used to nicotine and rely on daily intake.

Prepare yourself for the following symptoms ranging from mild to unbearable, but you can get through this!

  • In the first 2-4 hours - The most common initial symptoms are headaches, chills, and tingling in the hands and feet.
  • In some instances, interruptions in nightly sleep are typical.

Quitting smoking is bound to make you feel terrible, and that can be unpleasant.

Herbal cigarettes, which are comprised of numerous herbs that improve your health, are created specifically to help you while you are still smoking and before you stop entirely.

Mint cools the skin as it enhances the sensitivity of cold-sensitive skin receptors. This is why you'll feel invigorated and will likely experience a drop in temperature after smoking mint. This will relieve your headache, allowing you to relax and escape the stress cycle.


After you stop smoking, your physical symptoms will quickly pass, but the mental side effects of quitting can persist for a long time and may cause:

  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • loss of concentration

Quitting smoking is especially difficult when one confronts these issues head-on.

However, keep in mind that your life will improve once you stop smoking nicotine cigarettes. In addition, the worst symptoms will subside within 72 hours.

You can always use smokable herbs to help you quit smoking. For instance, if you suffer from mood swings or anxiety, Betta Herbal Smokes' ingredients will also provide a calming effect and aid in the relief of anxiety!


Betta Smokes help you to stop smoking.

If you don't want to experience the severity of mental and physical symptoms that come with quitting smoking, herbal cigarettes and herbal smoking blends are the way to go.

Betta Smokes are made from natural herbs (see our herbal smokes ingredients here) and do not contain nicotine; instead, they contain natural compounds that relax the mind and body. You will experience significantly fewer withdrawal symptoms if you smoke herbal cigarettes, especially during the critical 72-hour withdrawal window.

Quit smoking in phases rather than cutting out the habit completely. Your interest in smoking will decline and your withdrawal symptoms will dissipate once nicotine is completely out of your system, hence no more push for you to have "just one more cigarette." Accept the assistance that medicinal smokable herbs can provide you.

Betta Smokes helps to:

  • Satisfy the hand-mouth effect
  • Let you smoke socially while trying to quit
  • Stand in for time-habit smoking
  • Relax your body to counter withdrawal jitters
  • Calm your mind to counter withdrawal anxiety and depression
  • Provide mental clarity, enabling better decisions
  • Suppress appetite
  • Reduce headaches

Betta Smokes herbal cigarettes are an obvious choice if you want to quit smoking without experiencing the full extent of withdrawal symptoms!


  • After 12 hours - The body cleanses itself of the excess carbon monoxide, heart rate, blood pressure and circulation improves.
  • After 1 day - The risk of heart attack and stroke begins to decrease.
  • After 2 days - You may notice a heightened sense of smell and more vivid taste as nerves start to heal.
  • After 3 days - No more nicotine in your body!
  • After 1 month - Lung function begins to improve, with less coughing or shortness of breath. Endurance increases.
  • After 9 months - The lungs have significantly healed, with concomitant decrease in the frequency of lung infections.
  • After 1 year - Your risk for coronary heart disease decreases by half and will continue to drop past the 1-year mark.
  • After 5 years - The arteries and blood vessels begin to widen again, reducing risk of stroke further.
  • After 10 years - Your risk of lung cancer and dying from it are halved. The likelihood of mouth, throat, or pancreatic cancer has significantly reduced.
  • After 15 years - Risk of coronary heart disease or pancreatic cancer is the equivalent of a non-smoker.
  • After 20 years - Risk of lung disease and cancer drops to the level of a person who has never smoked.

Get Betta Smokes today - BE better, FEEL better!

"It satisfies the craving for cigarettes that I didn’t get from smoking a vape."